Selling Your Property

You only sell it once, so let’s get this right.

Selling a home is an involved process with many legal, technical and time consuming aspects to consider. You need a professional to market your home, not just sell it. Marketing is much more than listing, which is often limited to collecting facts, writing ad copy, taking photos and uploading to the Multiple Listing Services (MLS). Any Realtor can list your home but not every Realtor is capable of creatively and strategically marketing your property and managing the transaction every step of the way.

While others try to be good in a large market area, we strive to be great in our target market.

Morgan J. Eaton - Owner of The Island Agency

In-Depth Preparation

Visit the Property

The first step in the real estate process is to visit your property. We look at the land, the structures, the views, the neighborhood and the overall “curb appeal”. During this visit we’re gathering information about your property for pricing but also taking notes on staging suggestions and ways to maximize the appeal and pricing possibilites for your property.


We gather all of the information possible about your property from tax records to septic designs, maps, deeds, fuel usage and surveys. We contact the town hall, Registry of Deeds, fuel providers, builders and other resources to obtain all of the needed information to accurately represent your property in a knowledgeable and professional manner.


Pricing is pivotal to the success of a real estate marketing campaign. We prepare a detailed Market Pricing Report for every property that we list. We know the market and position our sellers to obtain the maximum profit, while not pricing them out of the market. Over or under pricing a property is the single largest mistake made in most real estate transactions. We know the sales, we track the market trends and we position our properties well to obtain the highest possible selling price for our Sellers. Properly evaluating a property puts Sellers in the best position for competitive bidding situations, often resulting in sales prices above the asking price of a property.


Our agents work closely with you to complete your property disclosures, knowing that surprises are often deal breakers, if not properly disclosed to Buyers early in the process. We also welcome your input in the marketing process. For instance, we will create compelling text to describe your property and share it with you prior to public marketing to ensure that we’ve captured all of the attributes that make your property the right candidate for a buyer to purchase.


We hire professional photographers to capture and convey the merits of your property in the best possible circumstances, light and angles. Photos are a very powerful marketing tool with 90+% of Buyers beginning their real estate search online before reaching out to an agent. These photos must compel Buyers to learn more about your property. The photos of your property need to tell a captivating story. These photos will be used online and in print marketing to engage potential buyers, establish value, drive leads and close the deal.


Virtual tours are included in our marketing package when you list with The Island Agency. Buyers can “walk through” your property from anywhere in the world using our state of art Matterport camera system. This tour allows any party with an internet connection to “walk through your property” online. Our virtual tours are professionally captured and edited. These walk throughs are game changers. Properties with virtual tours are 50% more likely to result in a scheduled in-person viewing than property without a tour. View Examples

Internet Marketing


We enter your property into the Maine Multiple Listing Services (MLS) system with all your property details, our professional photography, a virtual tour and a custom property description. This online representation of your property is the heart of your marketing presence and we make sure it shines! MLS participation enables full cooperation by all agents licensed to sell real estate in Maine, ensuring the largest pool of possible buyers for your property. We work well with, and respect, other agents who work our market place. Positive relationships tend to lead to positive results for our Sellers. Real estate brokers are powerful word of mouth promoters, when your listings are promoted amongst brokers, the pool of prospective Buyers grows.


We provide unmatched local expertise paired with online global exposure. No other agency knows this area as well as The Island Agency. We focus on a small market area so that we can service it on a deeper level than your average agency. We do not aim to be good in a larger market area, we strive to be great in our targeted Blue Hill Peninsula market. In addition to our local presence your property will be promoted online for the global audience to consider. Most of the Buyers for coastal Maine real estate are from the “drivable” Northeast area (New York, Massachusetts,Connecticut, New Jersey) but many are from Florida, California and more populated states across the country and internationally. We ensure that your property has a prominent online exposure through hundreds of real estate websites, including the most popular global real estate search sites such as Zillow, Trulia and in addition to lesser known online venues. Your property will globally and locally marketed!


We will market your real estate property on The Island Agency website. With hundreds of visitors every day, our website is a valuable marketing asset that will help us connect with potential buyers and get your property sold.


Our social media accounts are incredibly active and always up to date. We post often and engage our followers with engrossing photos and market updates. This is a great way to share news about listings and keep Buyers informed about market happenings. Facebook and Instagram are our most active platforms.

Print Marketing


We create captivating, in-house brochures to properly to highlight your property. These brochures are shared with prospective Buyers at property showings, show-cased in our Main Street windows and wall displays, as well as shared with interested Buyers who visit our office.


We create gorgeous, full-color property booklets and distribute them to local businesses, vacation rentals and directly to our prospective buyers. Each booklet will feature your property and incorporate our professional photography, highlights and details of your property as well as custom marketing copy.


We’re in every issue of Island Advantages and the Weekly Packet. Many people who have family or friends on the Blue Hill Peninsula subscribe to the local newspapers. This is also a great way to reach out to less technologically inclined Buyers. Depending on the property there are many newspapers that we consider and advertise in such as The Wall Street Journal and the Ellsworth American.


We advertise in every issue of The Real Estate Book, widely distributed throughout local businesses, with a prominent spot on the inside cover. We advertise in every issue of Maine Boats, Homes and Harbors. This magazine has a great readership with specific interest in the Coast of Maine.

Internal Marketing


Our Main Street, Stonington location, with its welcoming presence and large curbside windows offers excellent exposure to Buyers and Sellers alike.


Our in-house Rental Company, Island Accommodations at The Island Agency, offers the greatest source of prospective buyers. These Buyers are folks who are already staying and exploring our area. We have relationships with these guests and the transition from renters to homeowners is one that we see often!


We’re well networked with our clients and with other agents. Communication and organization are the keys to making the marketing, contract and due diligence periods go smoothly and result in a successful sale for our Seller clients.

The Selling Process


Our agents are responsive, savvy, dedicated and well-connected with Buyers and other agents, positioning our clients for a successful real estate transaction. We’re available well beyond “normal business hours” and prioritize providing an excellent experience for Sellers and making the process as seamless as possible.


Most sellers do not wish to put large amounts of money or time into a property that they hope to sell. We can suggest small improvements or staging that maximize perceived value and sell your property more quickly.


Our agents are dedicated to providing outstanding service to their Sellers. We strive to be present at every showing to promote your property. Lock boxes are not our standard mode of operation.


We’ll negotiate and strongly advocate for you during the negotiating process to accomplish your goals.


Buyer investigations are a stressful time during the contract period. We advise our Sellers to ready their property for the most successful financial and logistical outcome. We’re there every step of the way to gather information, estimates and propose solutions to work through any issues that might arise from the property investigations (inspections).


We efficiently organize all of the legal and logistical steps needed to work through the investigation and closing phases of your contract. We organize all of the paperwork to share with title companies, attorneys, lenders and insurance companies etc. We establish all of the contract deadlines and keep the lending, inspections, title work and closing on track to meet the scheduled closing date.


We make the process of selling efficient, pleasant and successful! We look forward to working with you to market and sell your Coastal Maine property!

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